Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hargailah warga emas kita

Roda kehidupan... everyone will get old eventually... I work and interact with the elderly all the time. A majority of the patients in the hospital are the elderly. I may not remember all of their names but some of the elderly patients would remain in my memory forever. Some of them had chronic medical conditions and they kept on coming back to the hospital, each time with an exacerbation of their illness. Eventually I got to know them and their family quite well...

Just recently my grandma was admitted to the hospital back home. My dad said that she's fine but I can't help feeling worried. All I can do from here is pray for her health. Dad said that she's a bit confused in the hospital. She kept thinking that she's at home and worried that she hasn't done her daily routine such as daily prayers, cooking for grandpa, etc etc. I think the main reason why she's confused is because she's in an unfamiliar environment. I miss her terribly, feels like I want to fly home right now.

When we asked our elderly relative to follow our instructions usually for their well-being and safety and they refused; we said they are being stubborn. Has it ever occurred to us that they also have a mind of their own?? They have lived up to 80 - 90++ and have always been independent all their life, suddenly we're taking away bit by bit that very thing that keeps their spirits up; telling them they can't do this and that anymore. Of course they're gonna protest. Usually they listen to us if we reason with them gently. Let them do the basic things they always do like cooking for the family, get them a helper if able so that the burden of their work is very much reduced. Monitor them but don't interfere too much... Just think how would you feel if you're in their shoes?? If they don't want to go to the hospital for minor problems, let them be... it's their choice. We must remember, they might be physically weak because of their age, but they still have their own mind. Keep them happy and smiling... Make them feel that their effort for bringing us up is worthwhile and they've done a good job. Love them unconditionally.

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