Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Tired... or just being lazy?

I have been neglecting this blog lately... Busy? Yes and no... I'm busy with work but I do have those quiet times after work to type myself away in this blog. The fact is... I'm tired. Lately I prefer to just lie down in bed reading novels or lazying myself in the couch in front of the TV. Tired of life?? Not really lah... I still have lots to see and experience... I'm just literally physically tired. A friend told me I'm always tired because I let myself go tired by not doing anything... He said when I have free time I should do something, go out and do some exercise... Work is obviously exhausting... especially the long 15 hours shift... and back to work the next day... but I know I can cope with that, I'm still fresh in this business... But hey I shouldn't complain, life is great at the moment Alhamdulillah.

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