Wednesday, April 25, 2007

April's almost over

Then comes May... Anything interesting going on in May?? Emm... Suhaimi's birthday... heheh but I've celebrated this with him well in advanced when I was still in Brunei a couple of weeks ago. I'm glad for that coz on the exact birthday date I'll be doing my weekend shift, probably just have time to drop off an sms +/- email. Miss u sangat :)
Then a week after that will be Naz's birthday... I'll probably come up to Christchurch to celebrate that with her and the other girls.

Apart from that, May will probably just be another month for me here. I'm really bored. This weekend, shall I come up to Christchurch or go down to Dunedin?? or just stay here in Timaru...
7 months in counting before I go home for good. There are pros and cons of going home for good of course but the most important thing is my loved ones are there.
Today is a public holiday here, I'm glad for the break in the middle of the week. Yesterday I was nearly over the moon when I got the official letter telling that I could reside at my current flat until the end of the contract + an apology from the hospital management.

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