Saturday, June 16, 2007

Up is down

For those who had watched 'Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's end' would probably understand why I titled this post 'up is down'. I've just finished my first set of night shifts - 7 days in a row working from 11pm till 8am the next day. A very new and amazing experience for me. Of course initially I was extremely apprehensive about it. For those who have lended their ears listening to me whinning about it would know just how apprehensive I was. But now I've successfully completed this task (and being the first of the first year houseofficers to actually have done this), I could give myself a pat at the shoulder and smile with pride. It was an accomplishment indeed. Doing night oncall means that houseofficer is the only doctor covering the whole hospital (Emergency, medical, surgical, O&G, paediatric, ICU & CCU, rehab ward and psych). I think I coped with it very well. I was based in ED because all patients would have to come through ED but I would be called every now and then to the wards when they're problems there. Some nights were quiet but when it's busy it was damn busy.

Being awake at night and catching up with sleep during daytime (hence up is down - day is night) was a difficult task initially but now that I've gotten used to the new routine, I have trouble going back to the old one. I couldn't sleep at all tonight... I lay in bed listening to my iPod, while my mind's racing thinking about lots of stuff... I thought of going out for a run but it's too freezing cold outside. Sigh...

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