Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Halal fish??

I feel tired today. My day at work wasn't too bad, by 1.30pm I'd finished the day's job. In fact, it was an 'easy' day compared to the hectic ones I had for 3 days in a row just before New Year's holiday. Exactly at 4pm I went home. I had a headache so I took an early shower to refresh myself. Performed my zuhur prayer and prepared dinner. Just before 6pm, one of my friends knocked on my door... It was Erica.

"Hey Nora, would you like to join us for dinner at Sukhothai?"
"Emm, what time are you guys going?"
"Mark said 7pm"
"I don't think i'm up to it, I kinda have a headache."
"Okay, i'll just tell the guys you're not coming. Take some panadol."

When she left, I thought to myself... 'hmm maybe I should go... I'm keen to try that red curry.' So I went to knock on Mark and Ben's place... We're all neighbours, we live just a few steps from each other :)

"Hey Mark, I'll come if we go a lil bit early"
"How early do you want?"
"Emm say 6.30"
"Okay, 6.30 sounds good"

I ordered stir-fried seafood in red curry (I couldn't remember the Thai name for that dish) but it was excellent. I consider myself as a fast eater and those who are close to me especially back home in Brunei would know how good I am with food ;). Tonight was the first ever I finished last. Savouring the food slowly or these guys eat a heck faster than I am. Usually with my Bruneian friends, I finish the first lol.

Ben: "Let's go to New World (my fav. supermarket) after this"
Me: "Yeah let's go... I need to buy halal beef there which is not sold in the other supermarkets"

Mark: "Nora, does fish need to be halal as well before you could eat it?"
Me: "No."
Mark:"I thought so too, Ben wasn't so sure last time. But why is that?"
Me: "Emm maybe because fish doesn't have much blood in it compared to cows and chicken... so unlike cows and chicken, you don't need to slaughter fish in a specific way to drain most of its blood." "Besides when fish are off the water, they're dead anyway"
Mark: "Hmm true... there's no other way with fish aye. You wouldn't jump into the water and slaughter fish before they're off the water..."

I'm sure there is a better answer to the question. I realise my knowledge about Islam and its hukum is very limited. Sometimes we never thought about these kind of things until we are forced to think about it.

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