Thursday, January 4, 2007

Just life...

Many people say 'enjoy your student life while you still can because once you start working things will be a lot different.' They claim that being a student was the best time of their life. I agree to this only to a certain extent. This is because now being in the early days of my working life, I feel less pressure compared to when I was still a medical student. Maybe my say here is biased by the fact that my current boss is very approachable, the staff here is extremely helpful and friendly, I have my own flat like I've always wanted when I was still in Dunedin... and not to forget the biggest motivation of all: $$$$ coming in every fortnightly lol.

I do feel the occasional stress especially when things get very busy. And I don't like it when I get home and ready to go to sleep, suddenly my mind is racing and my eyes wide open thinking of a patient in the ward. "Oh no I forgot to stop Mr So and so's clexane... hope he doesn't get a big bleed" etc etc...
It's so hard to believe that I've been working for 6 weeks now.

I remember how stressful and emotional I was during my last days in Dunedin before beginning my new life here in Timaru. Moving to a new place is stressful enough with all the packing I had to do... then the thought of starting work was extremely daunting. Now I realise no matter how stressful a situation can be, I'll just have to face it because once it's done, it's done!

But of course I still miss Dunedin. No matter how much I like this current flat compared to the flats I had in Dunedin, nothing can beat the memories, the experiences, friends, the culture, the supermarket, and the sense of security Dunedin have given and shared with me. Every time I go to Dunedin from anywhere in New Zealand, it feels like going back to Brunei (to a lesser extent). It feels like going home!!!... and certainly Dunedin is my second home after Brunei.

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