Thursday, November 23, 2006

Homesick today

Homesick today... Rindu towards babah and mama di Brunei.
It all started when I read this e-novel about a daughter who went to Ireland to study Medicine. She's the favourite among her 3 siblings to her daddy. One day her daddy told her she's promised to a man chosen by him. The girl however had given her heart to another guy so she disagreed strongly to her daddy's decision. She went back to Ireland to finish her study. She rarely spoke to her dad even though deep down she missed him terribly. Every time when she called home, she always refused to talk to him. When she finished her study and went home, she discovered that her daddy had passed away. He wrote her a letter before he died saying that he only wanted the best for her since she's his dearest daughter. Time went by...and indeed the man chosen by her daddy was the right one for her... She wasted her time arguing with her dad, not talking to him when he was alive trying to prove her point that she disagreed with his decision....... only to find out later that his dad's choice was the best.

What has this story got anything to do with me??? Nothing!! ;)
But it makes me realise that pengorbanan ayah and ibu jarang kita fikirkan... We only think about our kesusahan but we rarely think about kesusahan/kepayahan ayah and ibu kita dalam mendidik and membesarkan kita. They want the best for us but sometimes kita salah erti kan hasrat diorang. Apalah sangat pengorbanan kita berbanding dengan pengorbanan babah and mama kita yang melahirkan, membesarkan, memberi pelajaran and kebahagiaan selama ni.
Yeah maybe their decisions, their choices aren't necessarily the best for us... but tolaklah dengan cara baik, jangan berkasar, and if they insist, apa salahnya kita cuba menyenangkan hati mereka... But having said this, i do realise anything yang berkenaan dengan hati and perasaan memang among the toughest issues of adult life... hmmm

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