Friday, November 24, 2006

Procrastination is a serious illness

When it comes to doing things, how many of us would complete the chores on the dot? And how many would brush it off and say ''Yeah, I'll do it later, still have time''? Procrastination is definitely a serious illness. Throughout the years, i've learnt so many things the hard way. I must admit a majority of the time it was because i procrastinated. I left things to the last minute... Sometimes things that didn't appear to be important or urgent, i would simply stack it away thinking that i'd come back to it at a later time. Yeah, learning things the 'hard way' can be beneficial because it'll stick to the mind forever. We learn how to organise things urgently!! Ain't that good?? If we have a terrible time completing something... of course we'll take note of it so that the same mistake will not be repeated next time. However it would save sooooo much time and energy if we do things on time. It would also save us the stress!!! The work we do will be more organised, we don't panic, we don't tend to leave out things, everything will be done on time... And i'm sure everyone knows this fact: relaxing after a job's done is way more satisfying than taking our time and worrying about it all the way ;)

Why am i talking about this?
3 months ago when i received a letter saying i have been offerred a year's contract with one of the hospitals here, along came with it multiple forms that need to be filled in. There was one form regarding income tax and IRD numbers etc etc (I still don't understand how it works but it's regarding income tax). I did ask my future employer about that form but he said if i don't know how to fill in that form, just bring it on the first day of work and we'll fill it in together. Being an ignorant being like myself, plus my procrastinating habit, i just put the form away and said to myself "okay, that's to be sorted out later." I never saw that form again until a few days ago...
What happened a few days ago?? A few days ago my friend asked me if i have an IRD number already... and erkkk!!! What's an IRD number again???? She said i need to have an IRD number before the gov't can tax my income. She simply put it as "No IRD number, no salary, no money". That's more like it... simple and easy to understand ;) I started to panic. An application for IRD number would usually take 2 weeks (10 days the minimum). I have been in NZ for 6 years... 6 years!!!! I'm sure everyone agrees that i have ample time to apply for an IRD number. But there i was, 5 days before starting work... just knew about IRD number. To cut long story short, I made an urgent application, made some phone calls, faxed a few letters...and walaa... i got my IRD number in less than 24 hours!!! Hehehe.... Yeah I've learnt how to make an urgent application, so i know what to do when faced with similar situation next time... but it would have saved me lots of time, energy and stress if i have done it earlier. So dear readers... Please don't make procrastination our culture.

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