Thursday, December 14, 2006

The grand arrival.... ;)

I've just come back to work yesterday after a week's leave. A very special week... when my parents and youngest brother for the first time came to visit me here in NZ. They came all the way from Brunei to attend a very special event: my graduation :) Anyway before they came i made some preparations mainly cooking coz i knew they would be starving from the long long flight to Dunedin. I also hired a car especially for them... a good time to finally use my international driving license ;) Having said that... i've never driven in NZ before... and the last time i drove was back in August when i was home in Brunei. I hired a black sporty Mazda...very cute.. My heart was pounding like mad when i first drove the car. I was so scared hehe... and i managed to get a $40 ticket for parking that car in an unauthorised parking area just a few hours after i hired it!!! So unlucky!!! Getting a speeding ticket is probably more like me... but a parking ticket??!!! Tsk tsk.. Anyway when it's time to pick my family up from the airport, i drove the car ever so slowly (so very NOT like me...and my heart was pounding crazily all the way, i was so scared driving for the first time in NZ)... I was a bit late when i arrived at the airport... i parked the car far away from the airport main entrance. Then i went to find them... when i finally found my family, they were busily getting their luggage at baggage claim! No wonder they didn't turn up at the gate where i was waiting... they were at baggage claim already... haha... maybe i was too slow for them... I felt so happy to finally meet my parents here in Dunedin... I had waited 6 years for that moment to come. I confidently told them i would bring them to my place using a car ;) but that confidence was ruined when i had a hard time trying to find the car because i didn't remember where i parked it and i had no idea what the plate number was (i hadn't had the chance to really look at the car yet u see hehe)... all i knew it was mazda and it was black haha... but of course i found it in the end and way we went to my flat. When my dad sat next to me in the car, my confidence level rose significantly and i drove the car like i usually drove back in Brunei...with extra care of course ;)

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