Monday, December 18, 2006

Too cold... brrrrr

During my parents and brother's visit to NZ, I brought them around. We drove to Timaru and Christchurch, and back to Dunedin. Mostly for sight seeing rather than shopping. We had a great time. Amazing time!! However my parents decided that the weather especially in Dunedin was too cold for them hehehe... it hasn't been a good summer so far though in terms of the weather. I must admit myself the weather could still be 'wintery' in Dunedin even at this time of the year.
In Chrischurch we went punting in the park, in Timaru we visited the Rose Garden, and in Dunedin we enjoyed feeding the hungry ducks in the botanical garden haha... We also visited lots of other places and overall my family enjoyed it here. I was quite sad though when they went back, really wish i could go home with them. However i'm sure time flies by very a lovely old lady whom i met in a bus ride from Dunedin to Timaru told me last week ''the 12 months period will pass by like a blink of an eye.''

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