Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What is success?

A majority of us would think that those who have achieved their ambitions in life are the most successful and fortunate of people. Most people work hard to achieve what they want in life and usually it revolves around career and social status. Without ambition, it’s difficult for an individual to be focused in what he/she aims for in life. Without ambition, there would be very little motivation for us to strive further in life, which could result in us feeling confused about life and our direction ahead.

There are people who tend to go with the flow; they are comfortable of being ‘pushed’ along any direction life tends to offer. Nevertheless they never lack the drive to go forward towards the direction of success but probably with less passion. Then there are people who have always had a goal in mind. They work their way towards that goal no matter how difficult the path they’re choosing is going to be, they will continue in that direction. There are also people who are unable to endure the challenges, or have made the wrong choice that they have to find a different pathway to continue.

Whatever direction we’re all heading, we could never get away with difficulties and challenges, heartache and frustration. But bear in mind, it is the hardship that will eventually ‘shape’ our identity, test our maturity and perseverance.

Sometimes when things get really bad, we tend to question ourselves “why did I choose this path in the first place? Why didn’t I go for the easier ride? Will I ever make it?”
During those hard times when we have very little confidence in ourselves, pause for a while and think back to our original goal. What do we want to achieve... Think about the people who have always been there for us, people who have never stopped praying for our happiness and success. Don’t let ourselves down and don’t let these people down. React in a positive way! Accept the challenge and believe that we can do it too.

During our journey towards success, make sure we don’t become ‘slaves’ to our own goals. We must let ourselves enjoy the journey and learn from the adventure. It is the ride that actually teaches us the most about life, not the destination.

Once we’ve achieved our goal, what’s next? Make a new one! :) In my opinion, success is when we’ve achieved happiness. And… happiness is when we are able to share the joy of our success with those people who meant the world to us.

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