Sunday, September 2, 2007

Canoe, pantai, Brunei...

Last weekend in Christchurch, Zanna, Naz and I went canoeing in one of the small rivers in the city centre. Fun!!! It was so easy too ;) haha I want to 'mark' it as my new hobby, if only I can do enough of it... I've always wanted to go canoeing or kayaking but never got the chance to until last week when Zanna came up with this brilliant idea :P

I've always loved the water... however ironically I can't swim lol... When I was little, I used to play at the beach near my grandparents' home in Penanjong. When the adults were busy fishing 'mengikis', we (the kids) spent hours playing with water and sand at the shore. However now Pantai Penanjong has undergone major reconstruction due to erosion. Hopefully one of these days dad would allow me to join him fishing 'ke laut bejaul or mengandang'. It's one of his long time hobby.

Buy hey, aren't Bruneians supposed to be very familiar with the sea/ water. Historically Brunei's centre of administration was on the Brunei river (Brunei's Kg Ayer). Most of our elderlies originated from the Kg. Ayer before they migrated ke darat (to the lands).
In Sanskrit, the word ‘Varunai’ means ‘seaborn’ – seafarers, mariners and living on water (Kampong Ayer) - from

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