Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A memorable night - 2 arrests

This morning after work, I kept on sighing (mengeluh) when I thought back on how horrible the nights had been. However after a while, I soon realized what's to sigh about... I felt embarrassed with myself and more importantly towards Allah. I should be sincere with my work and even though it had been rough, maybe there is good behind it. Maybe Allah wants to test me during this blessed month of Ramadhan. And I should engrain deeply in my mind that Allah hates people who sigh.

Last night, it started off quiet. A few patients came to ED but there were only minor cases. I spent most of the early part of the night surfing the net. However at 0415 am when I was just thinking about eating my sahur, the crash alarm went off which meant someone was having a cardiac arrest. It turned out to be in ICU and when I arrived there the nurses had already started chest compressions as per the CPR protocol. We tried our best for 15 min when we finally stopped and declared him dead.

At 0715 to my horror, another crash alarm went off, again in ICU. I ran up from ED so fast I thought I could win the marathon (lol... exaggerating mode ON). Anyway on a serious note, when I arrived as usual the nurses had already started CPR, and we worked on him for about 5 min, gave him a shot of adrenaline and I intubated him when suddenly he 'came back', he started breathing and his heart started to beat again. Alhamdulillah!!

What made that night memorable was 2 cardiac arrests in one night is just so rare (in this hospital that is). And it was my first time ever to deal with it during night duty when I was the only doctor in the hospital. The consultants arrived when the actions were over. I learnt a lot despite the initial fright. I didn't even have time to panic which was a good thing lol... Just get into action. Thank you Allah for helping me in such difficult times.

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