Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A marvellous weekend, a cruisy week

Went to Dunedin last weekend, it was wonderful. Had LOADS of fun... Watched Ratatoulli (loved the movie!!) - anyone can cook ;) Played monopoly till the early hours of dawn lol.. aku manang!! They said ku gila harta but who cares, the main thing is ku manang :P... I've never won that game until that night. That was fun. Thanks girls for the great game.... 2 weekends ago in Christchurch I played with Zanna tapi kalah... Start with monopoly... and maybe one day I can be one of the major players in the real estate business ...who knows... heheh I can dream... but aren't all achievements started with dreaming??? self motivation, effort and rezeki Allah will then determine whether the dream can come true.

I'm having a cruisy week so far, but it's only Tuesday...

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