Monday, September 24, 2007

Rough night...

I missed the subuh prayer this morning... I'm bathed with guilt... O' Allah I'm so weak. In my earlier posts prior to Ramadhan I described about how my 'hati nda tenang', since then I promised myself not to leave daily prayers...

3 down, 4 more nights to go... Last night was rough! Patients kept on coming so much so I thought I've seen half of this town's population. I started work at 11pm and I was already greeted with 2 admissions. 10 min later, an unconscious kid arrived via ambulance, followed by a lady with heart racing up to >200 beats/min. While I was stabilizing the lady, every cubicle (9 altogether) in the emergency department (ED) was occupied. Cleared a few, more came to fill in the space... I finally cleared ED by 6.30am! at this time I still had to write notes on patients whom I sent home since I didn't get the chance earlier. At 7am another chest pain arrived... Initially I lost count on the number of patients I admitted!! Alhamdulillah the patients in the ward were behaving themselves otherwise it would have been a real nightmare. Night shifts are tough because you're the only doctor covering the entire hospital (~100 beds). Some nights are really quiet but so far I've been kept quite busy.

I usually pack food for sahur... last night I only had time to eat a few spoons of the mee goreng. But Alhamdulillah I still had sahur. However I missed the subuh prayer. I should have left the patients for a few minutes once I know they're stable. O' Allah my Iman is so weak. I didn't set my priorities right... You Allah helped me to go through last night but did I thank You? Instead I missed my 'appointment' with You. Forgive me O' Allah... guide me to the right path. The path that pleases You.

Al-Baqarah (2: 238)
"Guard strictly (five obligatory) As-Salawat (the prayers) especially the middle Salat. And stand before Allah with obedience."

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